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Learn about Soccer!

Learn how to play the most popular sport in the world — soccer. Any child 4 years and older can start playing right away. If you can run, you can start playing soccer. Enjoy the outdoors while having fun, exercising, and making new friends.

From playing fun skills games as a 4 year old, to learning about the tactical decisions a soccer player needs to make in the older age groups, you can find it all by joining CYSC. Volunteers and expert coaches will be there to help you along every step of the way.

CYSC players in action

By the end of your education with us, you will hopefully have improved your:

  • Dribbling skills
  • Passing skills
  • Shooting skills
  • Defensive skills
  • Teamwork ethics (also transfer off the field for everyday life)
  • Tactical awareness
  • Most importantly, how to have fun with a size 4 soccer ball!

"Volunteer coaching on a Saturday morning in Camden for the past few years has been the most incredible experience. The coaching group at CYSC consists of a small group of dedicated individuals who spend their Saturdays morning making the 'Beautiful Game' of Football (Soccer) a reality for many kids that join the program in Camden.

Football is internationally recognized as the world's game and the passion with which the kids play in our scrimmages and focus during our drills is just incredible to witness. The kids that join the program run and smile and tackle for the whole time they are at the field in a very friendly, but spirited environment. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to see kids learn soccer skills and have fun on a Saturday morning."

— Coach Tim Dewey