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Coach Proves Soccer is More Than a Game

Black Soccer Coaches Committee News Bulletin, Winter 2008

Soccer always meant a great deal to Paul Myers. He discovered a love for the game in the rec and competitive leagues in his hometown of Washington Township, New Jersey. Soccer was key to Paul's developing values, teaching him commitment, hard work and responsibilities. More important, it set the stage for his dedication to teach others lessons about soccer and life.

He continued his soccer career in a highly competitive intramural program at Rowan University along with local 3 v 3 tournaments. Paul graduated in the spring of 2008 and began teaching at Cramer Elementary in Camden, NJ. He also coaches at Camden Catholic High and the Camden Youth Soccer Club. In the process, Myers started to work on getting his coaching education, becoming a member of the NSCAA and Black Soccer Coaches Committee, participating in numerous clinics and diploma courses.

Paul Myers is steadfast in his commitment to make a difference as a coach and educator away from the playing field. His greatest reward come from seeing the smiling faces and the development of young players. Paul speaks passionately about "spreading the love and positive experiences" that he had learning the game. Myers stated, "The positive path that was provided to me needs to be passed onto more growing youth players who are excited to learn. I was born in the city of Camden, and I recognized it was an opportunity to give back to the city as a positive male role-model."